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About Us

Galls Postal is your single source for uniforms serving the needs of postal workers. Our massive 300,000 square-foot warehouse currently stores an approved selection of the following uniform Types and Crafts:


Uniform Type 1

AMF Employees

Area Maintenance Technicians/Specialists

City Letter Carriers

City Carrier Assistant (CCA)

Driving Instructors/Examiners

Letter Box Mechanics

MVS Drivers

MVS Tractor Trailer Operators

Ramp Clerks

Special Delivery Messengers


Uniform Type 2

Retail Operations Employees

Window Clerks


Uniform Type 3

BMEU (Non-Clerical or Techs)

Mail Handlers

MVS Mechanics


Custodial Maintenance

General Clerical (Non-Window Clerks)


More than one million customers are served each year through our websites, internationally recognized catalogs, highly-trained inside and outside sales force.

Galls Postal offers the highest quality in union-made postal uniforms and preferred items. In addition, you will receive responsive service, technical expertise, fast delivery and a seamless ordering process from beginning to end.

Customizing your uniform couldn’t be easier with our extensive in-house tailoring team. Have your pants, shorts, skirts or culottes hemmed to your desired length.

Galls Postal employees are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. Whether you choose to order from our sales reps, call us or place an order through our website, our experts will ensure you receive the products you need.

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